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    Our aim is to become the world leadership in PCbar products.

    We will always make the utmost effort to develop the intensive technology required for high value-added materials. By working alongside our customers we will become the world’s leading company in the 21st century.

    “We are a young Company with a bright future that dreams of becoming World's Best Company through pursuing continual technology development and acceleration globalization by cultivation of competent human resources, of course with you always by our side.”


    We, Korea Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. who has concentrated on the thorough quality management based on the company policy of " Customer - The first " since the foundation, have been supplying several foreign & domestic construction spots with the special wires which are playing an important role for the construction based on the company's ideology which gives the first consideration to the harmony among men & the development of the new items.

    We introduced the " Before Service " system for the first time in Korea among the business circlesand are making great efforts to be the company which could be grown up with customers by issuing technical reports & books and supplying them at the same time.

    In addition, In order for us to prepare the 21st century actively which could be spoken for both" Information-oriented knowledge " and " The Era of Globalization ", we are doing our best in both the training of the talented and the specialization of technology.

    We, Korea Heat Treatment Co., Ltd., promise to exert ourselves continuously to make a dream of customer's satisfaction in the 21st century based on the accumulated experiences through the development of new technology using High-Frequency Heating Method and thorough quality management

    Now, we give you our word that we will come up to all our customers with our best service and quality.