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    KSS : Korea Heat Treatment Co., LTD Seismic Spiral


    The product is suitable forless labor cost and steel material amount reduction by the application property.It shows the remarkable performance improvement in the shear strength and toughness through 3/4 reinforcing muscle amount compared to the existing band steel reinforcement for the seismic design

    Product characteristics

    Improved seismic
    • - 46% improvement compared to the existing method
    • - Simplify the process by integrating the strip and spiral reinforcing bars
    • - Simplify on-site work by simplifying placement work

    Reduced construction time by more than 50% compared to existing construction methods

    • - Reduction of labor cost for dispatch process Reduction of construction cost
    • - Minimize field work through factory machining

    Compared to the existing method, the total construction cost is reduced by 12% and the construction cost of the transverse reinforcement by 24%

    Market Demand
    • - Minimize dispatch due to the implementation of the 52-hour system and an aging workforce
    • - Construction method to maximize the ductile behavior of the column after the Pohang earthquake
    • - Reduction of exposure to disasters by minimizing work processes at height

    Structural Performance

    Division Arrangement Amount Transverse Constraint Effect Shear Performance Effect
    existing method 100% Hook and cast bar buckling 46% increase in seismic resistance
    performance of KSS method
    KSS method 75% No buckling of main rebar

    Types and Mechanical Properties of Products

    Product name Title Yield strength(N/㎟) Tensile strength(N/㎟) Elongation(%)
    KSS-7 D10
    785(MIN) 870(MIN) 12(MIN)
    KSS-12 1275(MIN) 1420(MIN) 10(MIN)

    Construction method

    It is manufactured with the helix band steel reinforcement bundle and the floor exposure.
    It spreads to the top after fitting and combining at the lower part of the main Bar and it constructs in the main Bar the fastening, andthe simplification of the process.

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